Progress at Sharpness

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Progress at Sharpness

Great progress continues to be made on Balmoral at Sharpness and the work on her continues a pace come rain or shine. The ultrasonics company have now finished their work on the ship having covered all underwater elements of the hull. The bow section has also been covered where it confirmed what was expected that some replating is required in that area. The rudders have now been removed to allow the prop shafts to be pulled and the seals changed, this was all work which was expected. The following few pictures were taken in the past few days.


Rudders were gently lowered on Wednesday and the old anodes removed by acetylene torch. This is preparatory to pulling the propeller shafts and changing the seals.


Plate Welding has started on those small areas of the ship that require such attention.



On Thursday a group from the Stroud Vintage Transport and Engine Club visited the ship at Sharpness.

In order to insure that all essential work is completed by mid August and therefore ensure Balmoral is re-certificated further donations are very welcome. To donate online or find out more go to All donations are welcome and help to ensure that Balmoral sails again.