Winter 1975

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Winter 1975

PSPS General Meeting – On Nov 15th about 70 members packed into Waverley’s dining saloon to approve increased Society subscriptions and receive a report on the operation of the steamer in 1975. The vessel had, with one or two exceptions a highly successful season and members expressed their admiration and thanks to the directors of WSN for their enthusiasm and hard work.

Waverley record of 1975 – Extracts from the Captain’s log provided a graphic day to day illustration of the first operational season in the colours of WSN – a tribute to Waverley’s officers, crew, and directors.

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May 1st – May 8th | Ship’s articles opened at James Watt Dock, Greenock, crew signed on.
May 10th | Steam being raised.
May 12th | DTI present for life saving, fire fighting and load line surveys.
May 15th | Vessel leaves dock and proceeds to Gourock to uplift gangways, compass adjustments, then to Anderston Quay.
May 22th | Inaugural cruise.
June 15th | Supt Engineer injured at 05.45 when carrying out boiler repairs. Scheduled sailing to Kyles of Bute.
July 7th | Ayr and Brodick. 17.15 Boiler trouble. Steamed at half speed reaching Ayr 21.30….
July 10th | Sailing curtailed at Brodick due to boiler trouble.
July 11/12th | At Glasgow, Radio Clyde live broadcast from vessel. Boilermakers replacing several tubes. Saturday sailing cancelled.
July 20th | Belting damaged berthing at Greenock.
July 27th | Cruise terminated at Dalmuir due to loss of water in boiler. Tugs ordered.
July 28th – August 1st | Boiler repairs.
August 8th | Radius pin broken on starboard wheel.
August 11th | Unable to call at Millport (dense fog).
August 15th | At Glasgow, repairing both wheels.
August 16th | Repairs complete 11.00 Dunoon charter.
August 22nd | Off service at Troon, tube burst in forward end of boiler.
August 23rd | PSPS charter cancelled; repairs completed 14.30; depart Troon 20.50.
August 24th | 00.17 vessel secured at Anderston Quay; 10.34 Kyles charter.
August 25th | Brodick; delayed due to damaged radius pin, starboard wheel.
August 30th | Ayr – Millport – Largs – Dunoon – Kilcreggan – Loch Long and Loch Goil; 11.47 vessel stopped (broken radius pin); 12.30 underway, Rothesay call cancelled.
September 7th | To Loch Riddon.
September 8th | Charter Cruise to Tail of the Bank.
September 9th | Vessel canted and placed at lay-up berth, commenced de-storing.
September 10th | Lay-up operations continue, 12.00 Articles closed.

Compiler’s note: Most days were “Normal Schedule” and these extracts highlight the difficulties that were overcome.

Kingswear Castle open day – About 65 members and guests came aboard Kingswear Castle for the Society’s Open Day on September 27th. At 3pm all work stopped as workers and visitors enjoyed a superb buffet tea. A small sales stand and donations raised a total of £18 for the KC fund.

Scale model shows the traditional profile of the Mississippi Queen.|Steve Shanesey

New Queen of the MississippiMississippi Queen is America’s newest paddlewheel steamboat, and is set to make her maiden voyage from Cincinnati in 1976. The design and planning required more than six years. She is the first overnight passenger steamboat to be built since the Delta Queen in 1926. Practically every design and propulsion method was considered, but finally a steampowered stern paddlewheeler of traditional design was chosen as most efficient and practical. The new vessel is 379ft. long, 8ft. draft, has a passenger capacity of over 400 and a gross tonnage of 4500 tons. The paddlewheel will be turned by a horizontal, tandem compound condensing steam engine similar to those used aboard the last steam towboats. Modern automated oil-fired steam generators developing 390psi will be used – a far cry from the wood burning boilers of the steam packet days. The new boat is not a replacement for the Delta Queen and Delta Queen is not retiring.