Paddle Steamer Monarch Trip

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Paddle Steamer Monarch Trip

Members of the Wessex & Dart Branch including PSPS Founder Professor Alan Robinson recently chartered PS Monarch for a wonderful cruise down the River Frome from Wareham towards Poole.

PS Monarch at Wareham complete with PSPS flag. Geoffrey Ryder

A cream tea was provided by Paula Warren assisted by Chris Warren (Wessex & Dart Branch Chairman) and Frank Snart who were also carrying out the duties as voluntary crew members.

Members of the Wessex & Dart Branch including PSPS Founder Alan Robinson pictured left. Chris Philips

PS Monarch was built by Brian Waters at Hoo on the Medway. Construction started in 1984 and from 2004 until late 2007 she operated on the River Stour. She then moved to the Isle of Wight for three seasons during which time she met up with MV Balmoral at West Cowes before being sold to Morwellham Quay Museum and Visitor Attraction, on the River Tamar near Calstock. During her stay in Cornwall she appeared in the Edwardian Farm on BBC 2. In 2012 it was all change and after a refit by her new owner Noel Donnelly she entered service on the River Frome at Wareham.

Monarch has a length of 42 ft and breadth 7 ft 9 inches (13′ 10″ over sponson), she is powered by a Compound Diagonal steam engine originally from a tar works converted for marine use by Staniforth Engineering, Rochester. Her 4 ft diameter paddle wheels have seven feathering floats each and her passenger capacity is 12.

See the web site here for details of her sailings.

PS Monarch turning with the use of a small bow thruster. Geoffrey Ryder