New Tubes Arrive for Waverley’s Boilers

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New Tubes Arrive for Waverley’s Boilers

A quick update on the ongoing works to Waverley’s two boilers which are undergoing a complete re-tube due to small areas of corrosion found at either end of each tube whilst carrying out the boilers’ ten year inspection.

The following photos – taken by Waverley Steam Navigation’s Dr Joe McKendrick – show the arrival and offloading of the new tubes at Waverley’s winter berth alongside Glasgow Science Centre. The new tubes are three different diameters – the smallest being for the “1st Pass” tubes and the largest for the “3rd Pass” tubes. The reason for this is to maximise the heat transfer from the flue gasses to the water inside the boiler. There are approx 120 tubes per boiler.

Thanks again to Joe for allowing these to be posted.

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