Funnels Off!

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Funnels Off!

Progress towards Waverley’s return to service has visibly taken a major step forward today with the careful removal of both her funnels by Dales Marine Services, Garvel.

The next stage will be to remove the deck above the boilers and an internal bulkhead to allow the existing boilers and generators to be lifted free.

The aft funnel is lifted clear. One down, one to go.Colin Leck

Caledonian Isles looks on with Hebridean Princess beyond.Allan Smith


 Colin Leck

Note the two exhaust outlets for Waverley’s pair of diesel alternators. These alternators are being replaced by new Caterpillar units with a third, smaller alternator also being added.WEL

Horizontal again 20 years after being fitted.Colin Leck

The second funnel is lifted free. This funnel contains the exhaust outlets for the two boilers.WEL

Two down!Colin Leck

Waverley sans funnels.Allan Smith

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