Friends of Waverley Tickets

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Friends of Waverley Tickets

 A new ‘Friends of Waverley’ ticket has been announced.  It will replace the existing annual regional Commodore tickets and cruising voucher schemes.

The information pack states that “it is very keenly priced (cheap! PH) at only £175 for an adult and entitles you to unlimited sailing all year round, for both ships and on all their routes throughout the UK”  terms and conditions will apply and Friends tickets will not be valid for some special cruises/charters.

Unlike the old Commodore ticket, the new Friends tickets do NOT guarantee a place on board.  Passengers will be boarded on a first come, first served basis.  For popular cruises it is recommended that the office be called and a place booked in advance (0845 1304647)  The other significant difference is that the ticket only covers the cost of the sailing on Waverley and Balmoral, all coach transfers, connections to and from the ships, and shore excursions are excluded and have to be paid for separately.

It is understood that Lifetime Commodore tickets will continue to be valid and used under their existing terms and conditions.

For full information/prices etc on the Friends ticket go to the WEL website where an application form can be downloaded or telephone 0845 130 4647

Peter Havard