First Ayr call for 2013

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

First Ayr call for 2013

On Monday 8th July Waverley had no scheduled sailing as is normally the case for the first couple of Mondays in July. On some occasions in the past the ship would leave Glasgow at 0500 on the Tuesday following the off-service day and run light to Ayr to pick up her 1000 departure. On other occasions she would run light to Ayr on an “off-service” Monday allowing her crew a more civilised “shout” time on the Tuesday morning.

Due to a reception being held on the ship on Monday evening in Ayr harbour Waverley left the Science Centre at 1100 and sailed direct for Ayr. The following sequence of pictures show her entering the harbour, turning into the Griffin Dock before running astern up the River Ayr and berthing at Compass Pier. On this occasion there was a ship on the north side of the harbour making the whole manoeuvre that little harder. As she approached the harbour she was spotted by many on Ayr beach enjoying the good weather.

Waverley passes the harbour entrance


Making the turn for the Griffin Dock
Entering the Griffin dock to berth starboard side

Canting round, note the stern of another vessel on the north wall

Running astern up the river

Berthing at Compass Pier

P Semple