End of Season Sunshine

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

End of Season Sunshine

After a dismal July it was good to see Waverley enjoy better weather and loadings in August. The last 2 days of her main Clyde season were particularly good with blue skies and crystal clear views – the following pictures were taken during the last half hour of the final day sailing to Ailsa Craig .
Looking back to Ailsa Craig one of the most important bird sancturies in the UK and third largest location for breeding gannets (after St Kilda and Bass Rock) with 40,000 pairs

Passing village of Dunure, with its impressive castle ruins, basking in the evening sunshine

The Heads of Ayr

and Greenan Castle

So, back to Ayr, one of the oldest sea ports in Scotland.

Our long serving purser Jim McFadzean, a son of Ayrshire, has often recounted a famous line from Robert Burns’ classic poem ‘Tam o’Shanter’ as the paddler returns to the port

“Auld Ayr, wha’ ne’er a toon surpasses for honest men, and bonny lasses”

The changing face of the Ayr seafront – even more residential development where the busy fish market and shipyard once stood