End of an Era

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End of an Era

Most of Waverley’s regular passengers will be aware that Craig Peacock, Catering Manager, has found new employment with Northern Lighthouse Board. Craig first joined Waverley as chief cook in 1992 and then in 1996 was also to be found as chief steward. For more than half of his 20 years with the company he held the position of catering manager. Very few are fully aware of the great efforts made by Craig and the commitment he showed to both Waverley and Balmoral. As a fellow crew member who worked alongside him for many years he will be missed. It was due to Craig that during his time as chief steward and catering manager many familiar faces reappeared season after season in the catering crew. I for one wanted to return knowing he was in charge. He was well respected by all the crew and his standard of cooking was always exceptional. Since it was his last day Craig signed off the ship early and joined some regular passengers ashore in Brodick for a couple of hours. The picture below was taken from the Douglas Hotel in Brodick.

Waverley attracts some attention as she leaves Brodick on Thursday 8th August for her afternoon cruise around Holy Isle and to view Pladda.

Just after Waverley returned to Largs on Thursday 9th August Captain Ian Clark thanked Craig over the public address adding a personal thank you as a fellow crew member, this of course prompted a large round of applause from the passengers. Captain Clark then joined Craig and a few other familiar faces on the pier for a quick photo before taking her away with 2 rounds of 3 long blasts as a gesture of thanks.

Right to Left, Captain Clark, Craig and a few familiar faces on Largs Pier
Waverley pulls away from Largs with steam in view from the 2nd round of 3 long blasts.

I personally owe a lot to Craig as he talked me into joining Waverley in 1996 as a steward. I can still remember him telling me that to work 80 hours a week was “easy and a good laugh”. I have to agree that there were many fun times as a member of the catering crew and many a story to tell. From a personal view point as Craig leaves Waverley he takes with him a little bit of the old Waverley magic which many crew will recall from years gone past. Waverley has indeed lost a good friend.

Paul Semple