Dr Joe McKendrick – An Obituary

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Dr Joe McKendrick – An Obituary

It is with the deepest regret and a very heavy heart that I have to intimate the passing of one of the greatest of PS Waverley’s supporters over the past 30 years. Dr Joe McKendrick, who served as a Waverley trustee and director of Waverley Steam Navigation and Waverley Excursions as well as serving in various capacities in the the PSPS, the PS Kingswear Castle Trust and Blairmore Pier Trust, died in the Western Infirmary in Glasgow on 13th Aug 2012. Joe had been Principal teacher of Guidance at Jordanhill School, Glasgow until his retirement two years ago at the age of 62. Joe’s contribution to Waverley was immense, even the most diehard of enthusiasts will be unaware of he extent of Joe’s dedication. However, as a friend of Joe for more than 35 years I am struggling to find more words at the moment, so please excuse my not being able to expand on these at this time. In the picture below Joe is second from the right – this was taken during a flying visit that we made to George Prior Engineering during the Completion Phase of Waverley’s £7.2m heritage rebuild. I am going to miss Joe very much and I know that there are many others that will be sharing my sense of great loss.

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Below is a more recent picture showing Joe on The Second Snark taken during the Ormidale charter this year (8th July).

Dr McKendrick’s obituary – from the ‘Herald’, Glasgow Friday 24th August 2012