Clyde Turbine Legend Up For Sale

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Clyde Turbine Legend Up For Sale

Queen Mary as Queen Mary II after changing her name to allow Cunard to use it for their new liner.

Queen Mary leaving Rothesay (between 1965-68 with Single Funnel). She may not be a paddle steamer but the 1933 Denny of Dumbarton built turbine steamer Queen Mary has had a connection with our Waverley practically all her operational life – whether it be fleetmate (1948 – 1973) or in competition (1975 – 1977).

Famous for changing her name in deference to Cunard’s Transatlantic Liner and withdrawn from service in 27th September 1977, Queen Mary was eventually sold in 1980 to Bass Leisure Retail, decommissioned and moved to London to become a floating pub / restaurant at Embankment on the River Thames where she has remained to date.

Queen Mary as she is today at Embankment Pier, River Thames.

Due to a change of owners the old girl is now up for sale again – her future uncertain in this hard economic climate.

More details and photos are available here.

So anyone with a spare £155,000 lying around can have a 1000 ton chunk of Clyde maritime history!!

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