Clyde Summer Season 2013

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Clyde Summer Season 2013

Waverley has now arrived on the south coast having departed Glasgow on Monday 2nd September after making a brief call at Yarrows yard at Scotstoun to allow for her navigation lights to be replaced.

The main Clyde summer season came to a conclusion after Waverley sailed back from Millport to Glasgow on Sunday (1st September). Overall the ship had performed exceptionally well and no days were lost due to mechanical issues. Indeed none of the 64 scheduled sailings were outright cancelled and only a few minor alterations to the published timetable were necessary due to weather conditions.

The weather for most of July was excellent and as a result the ship carried her greatest passenger loadings since 1994. During August the weather was variable but passenger numbers kept in line with 2012 so overall the Clyde season has been a success. Throughout the season changes have been taking place in terms of the new WEL website as well as a new format for press advertising. A new logo has been designed and is now evident on the website and on some souvenirs in the shop. It is hoped that the new style of advertising and the new logo bring a fresh feel to the Waverley brand.

Looking ahead there are still 36 days of scheduled sailings between the South Coast, Thames and Clyde. Waverley as ever is in need of continued support to ensure her long term survival.

The following pictures were taken during her final week of the Clyde season on Tuesday 27th August (Ayr) and Sunday 1st September.

Waverley cants round the corner on the North Harbour at Ayr for the final time in 2013.
Berthing at Compass Pier, Ayr.

Arriving at Greenock on Sunday 1st September.

At Millport Old Pier while her passengers have time ashore.

Low tide at Millport. (Photo by David Shirres)

Resting at Millport. (Photo by David Shirres)
Over the final weekend Waverley had two special flags being flown above the bridge. They are the flags of the Swiss cantons of Luzern (blue and white) and Unterwalden (red and white). They were being flown to welcome 2 paddle steamer masters from Lake Luzern who were making a special trip to Scotland just to sail on Waverley.
The final fan board selection for the Summer Clyde Season 2013, the return sailing from Millport to Glasgow.

Paul Semple