Cardboard Vessels

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Cardboard Vessels

Our latest blog reports on an inland event. Last Sunday the Linlithgow Union Canal Society (LUCS) held its annual Fun Day which takes place each year on the third Sunday in August. This saw around a thousand people watch the annual cardboard raft race which last year featured a cardboard tribute to our ship. Sadly no paddlers featured this year.

The rules require boats to be constructed from cardboard in any form but not be waterproofed. String and adhesive tape may be used only to tie and sew the boat together. The boats have to be manually propelled around a circular course of roughly 100 metres whilst rescuing a plastic duck from the jaws of a crocodile. The winner did this in 1 minute 15 seconds.

As can be seen it was all great fun – even for those who sank. Of the twenty entries, ten stayed afloat. Whilst steel hulls are a clearly preferable design, the LUCS event perhaps shows that cardboard vessels could be a useful design exercise for budding naval architects.

As LUCS supported our 2013 evening charter it seems reasonable to give them a plug on our blog. LUCS boasts the only canal museum in Scotland, is open at weekends until the end of September and offers a self-drive hire boats. Further information is available at

Maybe a visit to LUCS is an option for those lost for something to do once our paddler heads south.

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