Balmoral Dry Docking Update

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Balmoral Dry Docking Update

I was working aboard Balmoral yesterday (Saturday).  Arriving at 0900 the dry dock was being flooded to float the ship, the deck crew were painting the deck houses, funnel, ventilators etc.  The catering crew were busy cleaning and painting, trying to get things ship shape – both crowds working until after 1900 before calling it a day.

Down below in the forward (Britannia) lounge things are progressing well – the floor covering is laid, most of the panelling is up and the seating frames are ready to be fixed.  But there is still a lot to be completed before the ship is ready for service.  Personally, I can’t see her being on the channel for Wednesday. I think there is a minimum of 3 or 4 days work still to do, then the crew have to spend most of a day doing their drills (fire and emergency)  Thursday is an ‘off service day’ anyway, so maybe we’ll see her ‘out’ on Friday 8th – fingers crossed! 

Below are some recent photos – before and after painting –  also, there are contrasting pictures of the forward lounge taken 11 days apart.
Peter Havard

Primed ready for painting
no patches this year
Forward lounge 11th June
and on 28th June