Ayr to Tarbert

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Ayr to Tarbert

Waverley’s Clyde timetable for 2013 once again allows a cruise from Ayr to Tarbert (Loch Fyne) which was the cruise long associated with a Tuesday on the Clyde weekly timetable. Indeed the Tarbert cruise from Ayr has been part of her regular Clyde timetable since her first year in preservation in 1975 although in 1976 it was rostered for a Monday.

The Tarbert sailing from Ayr has been re-timetabled over the years which can be illustrated by comparing some of the seasons timings. The following list shows some of the timings which have been used over the years.

The following pictures were taken on Wednesday 10th July 2013 on the first occasion since 2010 that Waverley has sailed from Ayr to Tarbert and then offered a Loch Fyne cruise.

Tarbert Pier
Returning to Tarbert after the Loch Fyne cruise
Berthing at Tarbert Pier

On this occasion the sailing proved as popular as ever with a good crowd carried and then disembarked at Tarbert for about 90 minutes ashore.
Paul Semple