Council Summary Report – June 2019

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

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The PSPS Council met on Saturday 22nd June in Glasgow. Thirteen trustees were able to be present, with three apologising. Three members of the Waverley Boards were also present.

Council Members:

Keith Adams was appointed to Council as the Wessex & Dart Branch representative and it was agreed to appoint Derek Peters as the PSPS representative director of WSN.

Waverley Report

Paul Semple reported on the renewal of WEL’s Document of Compliance and on fund-raising. Cameron Marshall described the strategies that the WSN and WEL Boards had adopted to progress the re-boilering. Derek Peters explained the financial aspects of the exercise.

Society Finances

Council noted that grants totalling £172,000 had recently been made to WSN to fund the 2019 dry docking and the associated towage. Council agreed to make further grants of £82,592 towards other aspects of the 2019 refit and £157,746 towards the new boilers and generators. It also agreed to designate a further sum as the Waverley Reserve to be pledged as match funding to the Waverley Boiler Refit Appeal.

Kingswear Castle Report

John Megoran reported on the successful MCA Survey and on the presentation of the National Historic Ships South West Regional Flagship pennant to KC.

Maid of the Loch Report

John Beveridge described the £1.1m refit project that had commenced in January and which had been completed on budget and largely on time.

Other Matters

73 new members were admitted to the Society. The Branches reported on their activities. David Green (Archive Collection Trustee) reported that his next project would be to sort and accession the minutes and agendas of Council and Branch meetings as well as accounts of WSN & WEL. He was also planning to apply for a grant towards digitising selected documents.

Future Meetings

Council will meet on 23 November in London. The Annual General Meeting will be on 26 October in Southampton.