A Good but Wet Weekend

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A Good but Wet Weekend

One of Billy Connolly’s one-liners starts “In Scotland there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.” Whilst the punch line is not suitable for a PSPS blog this phrase was certainly appropriate for those of us who left Pacific Quay in lashing rain on Saturday morning for a cruise to Loch Long that could best be described as atmospheric.

Sunday’s weather continued to be wet but with occasional bright spells for the cruise to Tighnabruaich. Whether it was the promise of some sunshine or it being the last day of the season, the ship was well loaded and seemed packed when rain cleared the open decks.

The rain didn’t seem to dampen spirits and with many well-kent faces on board there was much to chat about. For the steamer enthusiast there was also good opportunities for retail therapy. The shop did a brisk trade and had a full complement of shop keepers. In addition your PSPS branch organised a sale of books and prints. The branch would like to thank the Friends of Wemyss Bay Station for their donation of prints and paintings for this sale.

The rain kept off for the final run up the Clyde in the dark with engines running at 50 rpm. With the final ring of the engine telegraph signalled the end of the season, the ship arrived back at Pacific Quay at 20:00. For us passengers it was time to go home and look forward to May 2014. However, as always, for the ship’s crew there was still work to do. So to conclude our last sailing report of the season it is right to acknowledge the crew who do much to make the great experience that is Waverley.


Saturday's wet departure.

Saturday’s wet departure.|David Shirres

Some sunshine on Sunday as Waverley arrives at Largs.

Some sunshine on Sunday as Waverley arrives at Largs.|David Shirres

Tighnabruaich in the rain.

Tighnabruaich in the rain.|Roy Tait

A wet passage through the Kyles.

A wet passage through the Kyles.|David Shirres

A collective noun for shopkeepers?

A collective noun for shopkeepers?|David Shirres

Passing the Titan.

Passing the Titan.|David Shirres

The season's final berth.

The season’s final berth.|Roy Tait