Waverley COVID-19 Relief Appeal Passes 60% of Target

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley COVID-19 Relief Appeal Passes 60% of Target

Waverley Excursions today issued the following COVID-19 Relief Appeal update:

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Firstly, from all of us here at Waverley we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our supporters. We really appreciate your generosity and support in these very challenging times. Check out the Virtual Donor Wall to see over 1,000 names now listed showing those who have donated since last September.

To date, donations from individuals have exceeded £220,000 which is a fantastic response. We are now using these funds to support the work being carried out on Waverley in preparation for the 2021 season.

We do still need to raise another £130,000 from individuals, in addition we are seeking support from other funders and organisations to cover the full cost of recommissioning Waverley for the coming season, but we remain optimistic that with you behind us, we can do it! It’s wonderful to know that PS Waverley means so much to so many people and we are committed to seeing Waverley paddling again this summer.

Donations to the COVID-19 Relief Appeal can be made online, or by calling our office on 0141 243 2224.

If you donate online or by phone you can opt to be included on the Virtual Donor Wall. Donations can be recorded in memory of someone. We value every donation made to help keep Waverley operating.

Please add Gift-Aid to further increase your donation by 25%. For every £1 you donate, we can claim an additional 25p from the taxman.

2021 Season

We can’t issue dates or details for the 2021 sailing programme just yet with the continued uncertainty due to COVID-19, but we’ll issue information as soon as we have firm plans in place and then we can all look forward to stepping aboard Waverley to enjoy being out and about again!

Winter Maintenance Update

Over the past 4 months much of the winter maintenance work has been focused on Waverley’s impressive triple expansion steam engine. Much of this work is associated with surveying a section of the engine which involves stripping down components, examining them, making comparisons with previous inspections, and then reassembling. If components are found to be worn or require replacement new parts are made. However, sourcing new parts for a 1947 steam engine such as Waverley’s is no easy task, and they don’t come cheap!

Several replacement parts are currently on order and due to be delivered in the coming weeks. So far this winter over £50,000 has been spent directly on the main engine. This essential work is being funded by the Covid-19 Relief Appeal.

Maintenance work will be undertaken on the ship’s paddle wheels with some bearings and paddle boards due for replacement. There are also some deck timbers needing replaced and this work should be undertaken in the spring.

The single largest winter expense is the cost of dry docking Waverley for her annual out of the water hull survey. We must have the full funding in place before Waverley moves to Greenock in April for dry docking. There is an increasing urgency to raise the target figure of the COVID-19 Relief Appeal.

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To find out more about Waverley’s COVID-19 Relief Appeal click here.