Progress Report

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Work at Great Yarmouth continues apace since the vessel was re-floated on the 7th February.

The new steel forward deck shelter has now been shipped aboard and only a section of the forward promenade deck forward remains outstanding in respect of heavy steel repairs.

Down below, the crew and officers’ accommodation is now fully partitioned and pre-fabricated items of furniture such as bunks and wardrobes are now being trimmed, shaped and fitted to place. In the boiler room, the new generator and sewage plant has been installed and other minor elements of equipment re-arranged to suit. Many components are now arriving back at Great Yarmouth to allow re-assembly of the engines to proceed. Most notably, the crankshaft has been received back from specialists Messrs. Mitchell Shackleton who carried out refurbishment at their Manchester factory. It is surely true to say that there is still more of Waverley ashore in Messrs. Priors’ workshops than there is aboard ship! Nevertheless, the Project is still running on time and within budget.