Progress Update – Re-floating, National Historic Ships Register & Rudders

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The current plan is to re-float the Waverley on Friday 7th February 2003. The barge will be lowered to the sea-bed around low tide at 6:35 am. At this point, Waverley will still be sitting on the blocks. The rising tide will then lift the ship off to float free.

Assuming all goes to plan and light conditions are OK, we hope to capture the event on time lapse digital images for this web site. Normal stills will of course be taken as well.

Core Collection of National Historic Ships

Following amendment of the latest qualifying building date to 1955, PS Waverley has been nominated to become a member of this important list.

Stern Rudder

Research is currently proceeding to establish whether modifications to the paddler’s rudder would give better steering performance. A balanced design is being contemplated, with an additional portion ahead of the stock (pivot). This should allow water flow on both sides of the rudder, theoretically increasing its effectiveness. The next stage, if funding is approved, will be trials with a model to test the theory. If successful results are obtained, the new rudder would not be fitted until the next dry docking in 2003/04. As previously announced, the planned bow rudder is not being proceeded with.