Hull Plating Nears Completion

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Forward lounge – deck plating nearing completion. Deck head still opened up.
Riveting – The fire is lit!. Today sees the start of the riveting process. Here the furnace is warming up the first of the rivets for fastening the hull plates at the forward end.
Plating is complete on the starboard side, last few plates to fasten into place on the port side. Note the reamed holes ready for riveting.
Double bottom plating is now complete, here the small feed water tank built into the double bottom is being pressure tested.
Steam pipes running through the double bottom are pressure tested, here the main steam and condensate lines are temporarily connected at either end and tested together. Test pressure is 360psi.
Wider view of previous photograph shows the forward end of the crew accommodation. Cabins will be formed in this space with two toilet cubicles up forward.
External view showing scaffolding in place ready for riveting. Hull plating completed.
Same view as previous, looking aft.
Here, Project Director Ian McMillan gets “on his bike” as he cycles back and forward between the yard and the ship.

All photographs by Guy Frankham.