Hull Bottom Plating

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Welder at work beneath the ship.

From Paddle Wheels No. 78

The boiler is due for the 1979 survey and this will require the present lagging to be removed to expose the longitudinal seam for inspection. Re-lagging will be done with mineral wool instead of the present asbestos plaster. Another important job will be to jack the boiler off its chairs sufficient to repair these, and to inspect the boiler drum in way of the seatings.

New wooden bulwarks are being made as are replacement scrollboards although deck work and other major woodwork will almost certainly have to be deferred until winter is past.

Progress has been aided enormously by our helper firms, to whom we are eternally grateful. Thanks also go to all the members who have supported the Draw and Sale. In view of the very high costs of survey – nearly £5,000 — and all the extra requirements, KC’s voice pipe says “KEEP THE MONEY COMING TO GET THE PADDLES GOING”.

Volunteers follow up with painting of the new plates.|Brian Lawrence

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 1 December 1979

On 1st December the boiler inspector attended, meanwhile Everards worked in the counter stern plating replacement.

Christmas Party

The usual event was not possible because the ship was too congested with materials and tools. The regular working group members were invited aboard the nearby ex-sailing barge Glencoe on 8th December for a relaxing evening. The neighbours helped out in many ways – taking, messages, signing for deliveries. The Glencoe held keys to KC and could open up when members arrived without a key and the Marina office was closed.