Rebuilding Work Delayed

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Plenty to do, but a certain amount of frustration was felt due to the delay in getting KC on the slipway again for outstanding structural tasks of re-building the paddle wheels, paddle boxes, and steelwork replacement. A consequence of this was that it was necessary to remove the blocks from the slipway as it was required for other use. Volunteers spent a considerable effort over several weeks (tide had to be favourable) cleaning down the slipway, unbolting the blocks, marking them for re-use, and moving them to a secure store storage area. Putting back would be necessary before the slipway became accessible for KC, and these work hours were not spent directly on the ship.

From Paddle Wheels No. 75

The programme has suffered on one point, the slipping. Non-availability of the tug, idiosyncrasies of the tides and the requirement for other vessels to use the slipway have combined to delay KC’s moving onto the blocks. The slipping is now scheduled for 29th January or adjacent date, with another try in February/March if the weather goes against the attempt. Once on slip there will be intensive effort to achieve all the major hull repairs before the autumn plus hull top-and-bottom repaint. Decks, sponson strengthening and paddle-box rebuild, paddle wheels.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 7 October 1978

  • Half of the slipway blocks unbolted and transported to M&K’s hard standing. Can the remaining blocks be moved ASAP?
  • Committee meeting in afternoon (LHCB) while work continued, film and slides in the evening.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 11 November 1978

  • Dynamo moved to fwd saloon to keep it dry.
  • Skylight base and aft saloon beams – continued chipping.
  • Start made on removing bilge pipes and associated pipes and fittings for cleaning and repair.
  • Pipe from gen service pump manifold to sea blanked off as valve in hull appears to be leaking and needs repacking etc.
  • Starb clack cleaned ready for re-fitting.

From Paddle Wheels No. 75

Christmas Party: This popular annual event was again held aboard Kingswear Castle with great success on 9th December.

The 1979 Work Programme: This is being organised far better than hitherto because there is a bit more money to spend, there is a stronger nucleus of skilled personnel, and powerful ‘outside’ help being given. Be this as it may, we still have to increase the workforce. Holiday working is going to be very important this year, too. Harry Brookbanks of Devon spent a week aboard last October and did a wonderful job.