Planning Ahead

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Knowing that plenty of work on the outside of the hull will be needed, including a complete bottom re-paint, negotiations for a further spell on the slipway commence. Lawrie Beal starts measuring up for a set of blocks to raise the ship higher off the slipway to give better access.

Drawing showing location of all the blocks to be positioned on the tidal slipway to give more room under the hull. The height is designed as the maximum that can be achieved to allow KC to be positioned at the top of a spring tide.|Lawrie Beal
Close up showing the numbering, height and position of each block. The positioning is designed so that blocks coincide with the bulkheads and give most support over the engine room/boiler sections.|Lawrie Beal

On 23rd October Harry Brockbank from Exmouth visited. An expert on interior decoration, he subsequently made weekend visits to work on preparation and painting of the interior, spending the night aboard. Parties from Wildernesse School continued their attendance on several occasions and worked on numerous cleaning and painting and under the overall supervision of Colin Harrison.

In the engine room, work steadily progressed on the engine and boiler, with the various boiler fittings being removed for checking and overhaul, and generally prepare the boiler for a steam test.

Saturday 11th December was break up party day, enjoyed by more than 30 people in the forward saloon.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 11 December 1976

An enclosure reveals Colin Harrison’s organisation:

  • 3.45 – Hunt the Xmas tree
  • 4.15 – Tea
  • 5.00 – Quiz
  • 5.15 – KC game
  • 5.30 – Film ‘The Feathered Wheel’
  • 5.45 – Lawrie’s Larks
  • 5.55 – School choir
  • 6.00 – Carols on deck
  • 6.15 – Final warm up
  • 7.00 – That’s it folks