Continued Slog

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Another period of continued slog on the bilges, with other jobs creeping in. Without a proper shore based facility all materials, tools and waste has to be stored on the ship. Access is still via a 35ft gangplank across the mud. Don Rose visited the ship on May 1st. Many bits and pieces of all types, some specially ordered and others that “may come in handy” are brought along. The task of controlling this and at the same time keeping the work areas accessible is considerable. Ian Watson continues his work on the engine, and Peter Trigg spends time on the welding generator overhaul.

From Paddle Wheels No. 64

Work is being pushed ahead as hard as possible with a very small work force. Most of the bilges are now complete and we are back in business on engine and boiler.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 12 June 1976

  • 5 attendees + 2 visitors.
  • Further work on stokehold bilges.
  • Varnish on bridge companionways.
  • Two visitors from South Africa did a great deal of bilge work.
  • Further work on the welding set.
  • HP Cylinder bore cleaned and oiled – head joint face cleaned. HP piston rod gland housing cleaned and dirt removed from top face of piston. Joint fitted between gland housing and cylinder. Piston now ready to have rings fitted. KC’s lathe returned to ship after refurbishment at Stevenage. If it doesn’t start on switch-on, give it a shove! A wooden cover is required – any volunteers?

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 26 June 1976

  • Painting of white undercoat on engine room bulkhead continued (cream undercoat is not available and white undercoat plus cream topcoat will be used). Those parts not painted need scraping and/or ferro plumbate.
  • Work continued on Welder. Now finished except fitting magneto plus timing and exhaust.