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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

From Paddle Wheels

Work on Kingswear Castle has been advancing quite well throughout the summer months and the vessel is now looking markedly better than she did a short time ago. A welding set has now been received (July 2nd) on loan through the kindness of a member’s employers and once a certain amount of overhaul has been completed, the machine will be playing a major part in Kingswear Castle repairs.

Recent progress can be summarised as follows:

  • Decks: The athwartships timbers or “header” planks due for renewal in the forward deck have now been replaced. These three planks are first class pieces of pitch pine, full of resin, and were let in with great care. The after raised deck has had a substantial amount of planking removed and new pitch pine has been ordered for replacement.
  • Engine room skylight: This is removed at present and is being completely stripped of all old varnish and paint and is being thoroughly overhauled, re-decorated and re-glazed. Wired glass is being used for the glazing and although not strictly traditional perhaps, is nevertheless much safer. The steel skylight {or casing on which it is mounted} requires some welded repair and this will be done shortly.
  • Wheelhouse: The roof has been re-canvased and the sides are being given a further coat of varnish as well as all the beading strips being replaced.
Clockwise from left: Andrew Fox, Humphrey Cocup, Beryl Fox working on deck, 23rd August 1975.|Bryan N Simpson
Christopher Fox (Left) and Lawrie Beal on deck, 23rd August 1975.|Bryan N Simpson


Flags for Open Day.|June Bushell

In Their Own Words – From Paddle Wheels No. 62, Eileen Pritchard

Kingswear Castle Open Day – Despite earlier signs that the turn out would not be very good about 65 members and their guests came aboard KC for the Society’s Open Day on September 27th. The weather was not encouraging being very windy with intermittent drizzle throughout the afternoon, but most people said that they had enjoyed themselves. A party of boys from the Wildernesse School, together with other Society members, were hard at work in the aft saloon while the engine room “regulars” were helping to bring the day nearer when the old engine will turn again. At 3 o’clock though, all work stopped as workers and visitors alike enjoyed a superb buffet tea prepared and served by Miss Sheila Durling, ably assisted by two other young ladies. The small sales stand on board was in the capable hands of Pat and June Bushell and the items for sale included some of June’s lovely hand painted paperweights. Altogether sales and donations raised a total of £18 tor the Kingswear Castle Fund.