Fixing Leaking Decks

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Roy Barclay from Portishead spent a weekend on board in early July, and worked on deck caulking, but noted deck head in fwd saloon was still leaking badly. These summer months passed with deck caulking and work on preparing the engines for layup. Polythene covering on the decks was used to reduce water ingress. Deck treatment was high priority. With no weather protection, leaking decks were causing deterioration internally, quite apart for the need to pump out the bilges

Fine days were relatively few. This looks like an early morning shot. Note the access gangway on the far right.|PSPS Collection

Strong turnout by “regulars” including Pete Trigg, Pat and June Bushell, Mike and John Spring, Patrick Taylor, and Alan Peake culminated in an attendance of 11 people working on the ship on 17th August. John Millar (PSPS Officer) came up from Dorking, the first of a number of visits to spend a day working on the ship.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 17 August 1974


  • D4: First 15 seams from centre line completed. Planks repaired when necessary.
  • D5: First 13 seams completed. Less raking out required here.
  • After well deck: Cleared, swept and covered with Protem.
  • Flying deck aft: Cleared, swept and covered with Protem.
  • Engine Room: Scaling and painting plating behind circulating pump.
  • Fwd Saloon: Sink installed behind bar. Fitted with drainage and water supply from tank.

Restoration Log Book – Saturday 21 September 1974

  • E/R Circulating Pump: Pump piston removed and shaft freed. Second pump piston partly removed, will require an extractor to shift the seat. Valve leavers and bracket removed to facilitate freeing shaft.
  • LP Junk Ring: Attempt made to remove LP piston (main engine) by means of ¾ studding in junk ring starting holes and oak strongback on to head of piston rod. Could not shift piston but overloaded junk ring and cracked it. Could probably be repaired but new one would be better.
  • HP Junk Ring: Cannot be found anywhere – does anyone know where it is?