Category: Megoran’s Musings

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

3rd February 1963 Tattershall Castle

Pack ice on the Humber makes difficulties for the Hull/New Holland ferries.

2nd February 1964 Medway Queen

Medway Queen in the Nelson Dock at Rothehithe.

1st February 1953 Victoria

Victoria one week after arriving in the Southampton scrapyard.

Paddle Steamer Captain John Hayward

Captain John Hayward’s career on Cunard liners, ocean salvage vessels and a paddle steamer.

31st January 1961 Monarch

Monarch towed from her berth in the Weymouth Backwater and down the harbour to the Pleasure Pier to await the sea-going tug to tow her to the scrapyard in Ireland.

30th January 1970 Duchess of Argyll

Duchess of Argyll in the scrapyard at Newhaven.

29th January 1962 Consul

Consul on the slipway at Weymouth for survey by the Board of Trade.

28th January 1961 Monarch

Two enthusiasts write to the Bournemouth Echo in support of Monarch and paddle steamer sailings to Swanage.

27th January 1967 Capt J C W Iliffe

Cosens’s last master, Capt John Ililffe, left Cosens employ in February 1967 following the announcement of the withdrawal of PS Embassy.

26th January 1961 Monarch

Bournemouth Echo announces Monarch has been sold and the efforts of the PSPS to save her.

25th January 1957 Emperor of India

Emperor of India arrives in Belgium for breaking up.

24th January 1950 Britannia

Britannia returned to dry-dock. Why did they need to do that?

23rd January 1939 Royal Daffodil

Royal Daffodil prepared for her launch the following day.

22nd January 1953 Victoria

On Thursday 22nd January 1953 Victoria left Weymouth for the last time for the scrapyard at Southampton.

21st January 1961 Monarch

The newly formed PSPS swings into action to save Monarch.

20th January 1937 Ryde

Framing almost complete in the construction of Ryde at the Clyde yard of Denny of Dumbarton.

19th January 1963 Tattershall Castle

On Saturday 19th January 1963, Tattershall Castle broke free from her Humber moorings in a storm.

18th January 1970 Eppleton Hall

First day out in the Pacific for Eppleton Hall.

17th January 1961 Monarch

Dorset Evening Echo reports that Monarch has been put up for sale.

16th January 1950 Britannia & Ravenswood

Britannia and Ravenswood leave Charles Hill’s drydock at Bristol.

15th January 1941 HMS Aristocrat

HMS Aristocrat ex Talisman on duty providing anti-aircraft cover on the Thames for convoys.

14th January 1968 Bristol Queen

Bristol Queen rammed by the Liberian registered tanker Geodor.

13th January 1937 Sawbwa

The paddle steamer Sawbwa was in the process of being deconstructed at the Denny yard at Dumbarton on the Clyde.

12th January 1989 SEETB Excursions Fair

KC takes a stand at the South East England Tourist Board’s Excursions Fair at Wembley.

11th January 1942 Merstone

The crew of PS Merstone tackle Portsmouth Harbour railway station fire.

10th January 1941 Merstone

Portsmouth blitzed by heavy German bombing.

9th January 1970 Eppleton Hall

On Friday 9th January 1970 Eppleton Hall was one day away from arriving in Cartagena in Columbia.

8th January 1993 Kingswear Castle

Meeting with Crescent Shipyard to sign the contract for re-plating KC’s bottom.

7th January 1986 Sir Steuart Pringle

Meeting with Lieutenant General Sir Steuart Pringle KCB, DSc, LLB.

6th January 1931 Medina

Medina launched at the Woolston yard of John J Thornycroft and Co in Southampton.