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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

5th October 1927 Waverley

P & A Campbell’s Waverley takes advantage of Early Closing Day.

4th October 1919 Duchess of Devonshire

On Saturday 4th October 1919 Duchess of Devonshire arrives back at Exmouth having spent the summer running on the Bristol Channel.

2nd October 1965 Paddle Tug Grinder

Members of the PSPS Wessex Branch take a trip around Portsmouth Harbour on the Paddle Tug Grinder.

1st October 1953 Embassy

Last trips of the season for Embassy.

30th September 1965 Sandown and Ryde

Sandown and Ryde laid up for the winter at Newhaven.

29th September 1964 Jeanie Deans

On the morning tide on Tuesday 29th September Jeanie Deans crossed from Craigendoran to lay up in the Albert Harbour, Greenock.

28th September 1945 Empress

Empress at the movies.

27th September 1963 Embassy

PS Embassy’s sails frim Poole to Weymouth to layup for the winter.

26th September 1956 Britannia

Last day in passenger service of P & A Campbell’s Britannia.

25th September 1963 Consul

Consul due back in Weymouth from the Thames.

24th September 1965 Vecta

First day in service on the Bristol Channel and running the Cardiff/Weston ferry of Vecta.

23rd September 1955 Consul

Last day of the 1955 season for the Consul.

22st September 1958 Glen Usk

Last day of the 1958 season for Glen Usk.

21st September 1985 Kingswear Castle

Kingswear Castle’s first ever trip from Strood through the Swale to Whitstable.

20th September 1941 Portsdown

Portsdown sunk by a recently laid German mine on an early morning passage between Portsmouth and Ryde.

19th September 1959 River Dart Paddle Steamers

What were the River Dart paddle steamers Compton Castle, Kingswear Castle and Totnes Castle doing on this day?

18th September 1964 Captain Defrates

Last trip of the 1964 season for Princess Elizabeth from the Weymouth Pleasure Pier through the Town Bridge to her winter lay-up berth in the Backwater.

17th September 1958 Bristol Queen

Bristol Queen de-stored and prepared for her winter lay-up having finished her season the previous day.

16th September 1964 Cardiff Queen

Cardiff Queen’s Cardiff/Weston ferry service interrupted by the wind.

15th September 1934 Brighton Belle

Brighton Belle disabled by a crack in her HP cylinder.

14th September 1932 Southsea & Whippingham

Southsea and Whippingham scheduled to run long afternoon cruises from Portsmouth and Southsea.

13th September 1959 Captain Phillip Rawle

Capt Philip St Barbe Rawle’s last Sunday in command of Embassy.

12th September 1964 Waverley

Waverley sails to Campbeltown.

11th September 1932 Southsea or Whippingham

What were these two paddle steamers scheduled to do on Sunday 11th September 1932?

10th September 1937 Eastbourne

Sailings from Eastbourne Pier on Friday 10th September 1937.

9th September 1950 Royal Eagle

Saturday 9th September 1950 should have been the penultimate day in service of Royal Eagle. But was it?

8th September 1963 Medway Queen

Medway Queen’s last day in service.

7th September 1960 Monarch

Cosens’s Monarch made her last trips of the season on Thursday 8th September 1960.

6th September 1937 Essex Queen & Queen of Southend

What were Queen of Southend and Essex Queen scheduled to do on Monday 6th September 1937?

5th September 1914 Monarch & Majestic

Monarch advertised for a trip from Bournemouth to Swanage and Weymouth to see the troops.