Category: Megoran’s Musings

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

7th December 1956 Britannia

Britannia towed from Penarth Dock to the breaker’s yard at Newport.

6th December 1957 Shall we Convert to Oil?

By 6th December 1956 discussions were well in hand in Gourock about converting Jeanie Deans, Jupiter and Waverley from coal to oil firing.

5th December 1969 Eppleton Hall

Eppleton Hall reaches the midway point on her Atlantic crossing.

4th December 1930 Alexandra

Paddle steamer Alexandra up for sale.

3rd December 1968 Balmoral

Balmoral’s last voyage for Red Funnel to lay up at Northam.

2nd December 1895 Dover

Paddle steamer Dover launched at Denny’s Yard on the Clyde.

Winston Megoran Remembered

The December issue of Classic Boat features an article about the marine artist and former PSPS member the late Winston Megoran.

1st December 1940 Her Majesty

Her Majesty sunk in German bombing raid on Southampton

30th November 1933 Sandown & Caledonia

Southern Railway place an order for a new paddle steamer with Denny of Dumbarton.

29th November 1935 Talisman

Talisman’s winter roster.

28th November 1951 Lorna Doone

Red Funnel’s Lorna Doone slipped at Southampton.

27th November 1903 Cleethorpes

Diver summoned to retrieve Cleethorpes’s forward port gangway door from the bottom.

26th November 1903 Barry Railway Company

Barry Railway Company sent out a press release announcing their intention to run passenger steamers on the Bristol Channel.

25th November 1967 Queen of the South

Queen of the South for sale.

24th November 1969 Eppleton Hall

On her first day out from Mindello Eppleton Hall loses her vacuum.

22nd November 1962 Mrs Cecile Beckett

Captain Defrates has a lodger.

21st November 1961 Alumchine

Alumchine break-in.

20th November 1903 Cleethorpes

The paddle steamer Cleethorpes left her builders yard in Dundee for the Humber.

19th November 1969 Eppleton Hall and Old John

Old John makes things happen for Eppleton Hall moored in Mindello Harbour.

18th November 1969 Eppleton Hall

Eppleton Hall alongside at Mindello in the Cape Verde Islands.

17th November 1966 Talisman

Thursday 17th November 1966 was Talisman’s last day in service.

16th November 1898 Captain William Cosens

Captain William Cosens, brother of Captain Joseph Cosens founder of Cosens & Co, buried in Melcombe Regis.

15th November 1962 Sandown

Sandown leaves Weymouth for Portsmouth.

14th November 1965 Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans ties up on buoys at Chatham off Thunderbolt Pier.

13th November 1962 Bristol Queen

Bristol Queen arrives in Weymouth.

12th November 1965 Jeanie Deans

Having already topped up her bunkers at Holyhead and Falmouth on the way, Jeanie Deans makes a call at Southampton to top them up once again.

11th November 1963 Caledonia

On Monday 11th November 1963 Caledonia came close to being blown ashore on the rocks off Millport after damaging her port paddle wheel.

10th November 1965 Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans sets off from Holyhead for Falmouth.

9th November 1965 Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans puts into Holyhead for bunkers.

8th November 1965 Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans stormbound off the Isle of Man.