Council Summary Report – March 2020

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

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The PSPS Council of Management met by video-conference on Saturday 28 March; all but two of the trustees were able to participate.


John Allen was appointed as Chairman for a term of three years. Peter Morley was thanked for his service as Interim Chairman.


It was reported that refit and refurbishment work on Kingswear Castle and Maid of the Loch had ceased, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Work to Waverley had slowed significantly.


The Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 and the budget for 2020 were approved.

Risk Register

The risk register was considered and it was agreed to review arrangements for protecting the archive at Chatham when circumstances permitted.

Society Activities

It was noted that all branch meetings had been suspended.

PSPS Collection

It was reported that some work on cataloguing the collection was able to continue, through the Archivist working at home.

Future Meetings

Council will meet on 20 June and 21 November in Glasgow and London respectively, if possible, but otherwise by video conference. It is proposed to hold the Annual General Meeting on 24 October on board PS Maid of the Loch, but this will be kept under review.