Council Summary Report – November 2019

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

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The PSPS Council of Management met on Saturday 19 November in London; all trustees were present.

Council Membership

Deryk Docherty was welcomed as a new representative of Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd. John Allen was co-opted as a Council member. Derek Peters was appointed as a PSPS representative on the Board of Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd.


It was reported that a rebuild of Kingswear Castle may take place in 2021/22.

The excellent fund-raising for Waverley was noted with pleasure and WSN representatives paid tribute to the role of PSPS, which had been crucial. Good progress was reported with the winter refit and work had started on the 2020 marketing plan.

It was reported that Maid of the Loch had had a successful year. The refit had been completed to a high standard and the engine had been turned by steam. Work is planned to bring the ship’s dining room back into use.

It was agreed that the Chairman would write to the Hartlepool Council and to the Royal Navy seeking support for the future preservation of Wingfield Castle and offering the Society’s assistance with this.

60th Anniversary

It was noted that both the anniversary book and DVD had been selling well. The initial stock of 350 copies of the book had all been sold.


The revised due diligence procedure to be carried out before the Society makes a donation was approved.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM was agreed to have been most successful and the draft minutes were approved for publication.


It was pleasing to note a good level of recruitment during the year, despite Waverley not sailing.

PSPS Collection

It was agreed to revalue the collection as at 1 January 2020. Annual depreciation will cease, but there will be annual reviews to identify any items whose value may have reduced. The number of catalogued items in the collection is now 36,300.

Future Meetings

Council will meet on 28 March and 21 November in London and 20 June in Glasgow. The Annual General Meeting will be on 24 October on board PS Maid of the Loch.