Council Summary Report – November 2018

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

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The PSPS Council of Management met on Saturday 24 November in London, thirteen trustees were able to be present, with two apologising.


The appointment of Ashley Gill as PSPS-nominated director to Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle Trust was approved. A decision in correspondence to offer grant aid to Waverley Steam Navigation of £72,465.20 from central funds together with £3,000 from the Scottish Branch, for rudder repairs, was approved. It was noted that Helensburgh Pier has been closed to all vessels, so Waverley will be unable to call there.

Maid of the Loch: It was reported that Loch Lomond Steamship Company is in discussions with Heritage Lottery Fund, in an effort to understand why its grant application was turned down. It was resolved that £50,000 be set aside to fund work on PS Maid of the Loch, to be advanced to LLSC on application, as suitable projects are identified.

Development Plan

Progress was reviewed and it was noted that much has been achieved. It was agreed that engaging with like-minded organisations is important. It is intended to create an area on the PSPS website to promote archives. The outline of the diamond jubilee book was noted and several Council members offered to assist with information.

PSPS Collection

David Green reported that he had been on a course about conservation of photographs. It was noted that future budgets need to meet the objective of covering day to day archive costs from annual income.


Further progress had been made on developing a safeguarding policy. Only minor changes are now needed, following which the final version will be agreed in correspondence.


The revised due diligence procedure to be carried out before the Society makes a donation will be presented to that March 2019 meeting.

Social Media

The historic material that John Megoran had been posting on the PSPS website was appreciated.


There has been a slight increase in the number of members.

Future Meetings

Council will meet on 9 March and 23 November in London and 22 June in Glasgow. The Annual General Meeting will be 26 October at a location to be agreed in the Wessex branch area.